Friday, 9 January 2009


Even though I was off for 2 days, I couldn't helped but wish for the weekend to come. Weekend means a few hours of me time --- time to scrap. I make it a point to scrap. Just to free my mind from my everyday worries which are piling up these past few weeks. But, now I choose not to worry but I will still scrap. Hehe. Life goes on.

Bebi A cried in my arms this morning when I brought her to the school bus. When the bus moved, she was still calling me and it broke my heart to let her go like that. But, when she came back, she was so happy. She has a lot of stories to tell. Now, we think she's just not used to waking up early. Haha. Poor girl. A few nights back, she told me not to wake her when the sun is still not up! Funny!

Dawter T is doing ok though I feel tense whenever she comes home from school. I always ask if she has Chinese homework. Haha. That's my worst fear everyday. Ok, let's inset here ---> I choose not to worry. She has Chinese tuition every Wednesday. The tutor is quite good but doesn't speak English. She always has an interpreter when she calls us. I think that's fine. I want her to talk to Dawter T in Chinese so that it will be easier for her. But, 1.5 hours a week and n number of hours of Chinese at school will still be challenging for Dawter T. So, one of my goals is to study Chinese. Haha. (My officemate already doubtful and laughing at me)

Anyway, I hope everybody will have a great weekend! I'm off to Dawter T's school tomorrow to study Chinese and a dental appointment at night. Busy weekend!

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