Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Have You Ever Had Those Days?

When you can't seem to put together a decent layout. The basics are there. But, it's not clicking. Something's wrong but you don't know what it is and I don't know what to add, what to remove haha Oh well. I am getting impatient. I don't want to just finish it coz I've put too much effort hahaha (you'll know why once I have posted it)

Usually, the times that I can't seem to finish are the times when I am stingy, when I don't to cut my papers, when I don't want to use new embellishments. Haha!

I hope I can finish it soon. As in tonight. It's my entry here. And I want to start with something new. Coz you see, I am the type who can't start a new layout unless I finish the one I am doing. Sad. Haha.


Jolanda said...

i know the feeling,and i hate it too!!
Good luck,it will work....any day!

genevive said...

I feel it most of the time.. but the "lazy" and impatient me will say, just do it! then after id think "i did it" an idea comes along and id have to somethings tear some stuff from the page (ouch!) and worst, start from scratch lol... but that's what makes scrapping exciting right! making mistakes, creating a mess, and just doing it! :) i can't wait for your LO! :)

Dress To Scrap said...

hihihi! i have the same issue. i can't start a new LO without finishing the existing LO that i am doing. don't worry you're not alone. miss you.