Saturday, 29 May 2010


Finally, it's done and I can move on. Haha! It took time to cut all those 6 petal flowers, glue and curl them. But, I loved it! Though I was a bit frustrated that after adhering all those flowers, my creative juice stopped flowing. I will probably take another shot during daylight because the light didn't do justice to my lovely flowers, hehehe. I just had to post this tonight so that I can relax and that this won't be hanging on my head. I consider this as one of my LOs which took TIME to finish. It took more than SEVEN days. And seeing this before I sleep and after I wake up can be quite frustrating.

So, ok, I am rambling. Happy Saturday! One more day and it's back to the grind!


Jolanda said...

as i said before...;)...nice!!Lovely picture and very nice details.
Have a good weekend!!

Dress To Scrap said...

Love the flowers especially the butterfly die cut.