Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Dawter T and Bebi A came up with the title for this one. They both have been WANTING a pet dog! But, unfortunately, I am not a pet person. I do love dogs (please don't tell them!), I grew up with dogs all around the house. But, for some reason, I am not as enamored as my daughters and husband...

This dog, Pugsley, is the closest they got to touching one. When we went home to the Philippines in our 2010 vacation, Tita E's family just bought one. He's a cutie, alright! And my daughters just fell in love with him.

On the scrappy side of this post, hmmm, I finally scrapped my Webster's Pages again. I am very unsure of this layout. It seemed bare, it seemed to lack something. But, it's a step closer to getting my mojo back. LOL. I've been making small tags, cards for my March Madness projects. I am happy to be in my own world again. It seem to bring out the stress out. Scrapping does that to me. But, it's quite stressful looking for my tools, my materials in my boxes. When will I ever be able to unload them all? And, when will I have my scrappy room! Hehehe...

Happy Wednesday!


liliput said...

Wow.. new LO! kakainggit.. kailan kaya ako makakagawa.. hehe

Have a great day!

Karen Y said...
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Karen Y said...

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