Friday, 16 March 2012

Love Love

I just wanted to quickly document what my Bebi A told me on our way home from school. We're usually chatty after school while Dawter T mulls over the day (silent and frowning)...

"Mommy, remember what I told you a few days ago."

She tells me a lot of things so I told her so.

"Remember, my crush." Hmmmm... "He was not at school for a few days."

"Yeah", I said.

"He came to school today," with matching "kilig" I believe...

OMG... Where is that coming from??? She's a very old six years old in that aspect. But, I know it's just fun for her. Although it's too funny sometimes... I can't helped feel where has the time gone?

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Benga said...

kakatuwa naman si Andi!