Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Under The Suit

When I read from the SketchBook forum that Week 4 is Swimming, I panicked. Our home computer is still in its box and I don't have "swimming" photos. I have already used them for my daughter's ABC album and Scrappers At SG's challenge.

Luckily, there were some photos left in my camera when my daughters were trying out their swim suits. That will do hehehe

It was a stroke of inspiration to come up with the "Under The Suit" title. I felt I was so clever hahaha But mind you, since the time the challenge was posted, I was already browsing through my paper stack as to which paper I should use. I showed the paper (background and Hambly overlay) above to my dear Pre and he said that it will do for the concept I was thinking. I was so excited but honestly, it was quite hard. It's one thing to think about the concept, and another to put it in paper.

Well, my theme was initially an aquarium. I was supposed to make a shaker box. But, of course, being the fickle minded that I am, I switch to "under the sea". I painstakingly cut-out the small rocks and inked them one by one. Cut the Hambly and adhered it. The starfish was inspired by the design of our kitchen tiles hahaha Dawter T criticized my starfish and showed me how to make it look like one. (O di ba?!)

I wanted to make Bebi A as part of the bubbles. Then, cut circles to make it look like bubbles rising.

I tried to my dismay to draw and cut out fishes. But, again, Dawter T couldn't helped by criticize it. I asked Pre to draw fish but he said it's hard to draw one. Wahhhh! What's a body of water without fish??? So he told me to just print out. Luckily, Pre needed the computer Sunday night so he set it up. And, since he couldn't draw for me and I bugged him, he also setup the printer!

Voila! The finished product. Hehehe...

So happy with this. And here's my journal. Inspired by Under the Sea song.

Under the suit, under the suit.
The little girl is "Oh So Cute!"
Out on the pool, she show off.
Those curves that's so soft.
She's got the spirit, she can flaunt it!
Under the suit!


liliput said...

Again mami soox, this LO is a WOW! Very creative ka po talaga :) go! go! Philippines!

marixcm said...

really cute! and the concept is very creative plus the story behind the making *wow parang movie hehehe* is funny!

go go Philippines!

Mrs Frizz said...

Oh wow, you put so much effort and love into putting your layout together. Very creative!