Friday, 5 September 2008

We're Moving

Yes, we're leaving our home of 3 years and starting a "new life" somewhere in the West of Singapore (where the air is cooler and we're a few meters away from the mall and the library and... ok enough... hahaha)

I was feeling sentimental the last few nights when I got home from work, no matter how it feels like we're in the oven when it's sunny. We've had a lot of good memories there. Relatives and friends came to visit us and we had a wonderful time. I saw Bebi A grew up from that tiny, skinny baby to a wonderful, chubby toddler. Dawter T had her 3 years Pre-School in a nearby Catholic Pre-School. Pre had the time of his life going back and forth to his 2 buses away office in Bradell. Oh, we'll surely miss the place, the friends and good neighbors we've had.

So, tonight, my scrap supplies will have to be boxed. (I waited the last minute coz I thought that I will be able to come up with something hahaha how wrong was I? My week nights this week was 2 trips to Ikea and packing and packing and packing!) Anyway, hopefully by Saturday afternoon, they will be sitting prettily in my their new nook (if ever they will have one! Our new home is much smaller than the current one...)

Oki... TGIF everyone!


Pamela said...

Enjoy the new place! Changes can be great things.

Chipmunk said...

Hope we can visit your new home soon... and make new memories to cherish. =D Take care po!