Monday, 23 August 2010

Birthday Girl's Choice

Thank you for all your birthday wishes! We had fun celebrating at the beach, my daughter had loads of fun playing with the sand and water. The birthday girl's choice is :


Earlier today, we went to church for mass, she told us that she prayed for good weather and that her two close friends will come to her party.
Both her wishes came true! Sometimes I wish I had child-like faith... So I asked her to pray for me to win the lottery. *wink*


Jolanda said...

First of all ...happy birthday even if the party is over,today is the day!!!!(the shipping between our country's is very slow,so the card will be there next year,,,hahaha...hope he gets there fast..send a card before,don'think you have got it..)And congrats to RuthMarielan...have fun with the goodies,they are so lovely!!
Have a nice evening!!!

bebang said...

congrats to the winner! and again, happy birthday ate :) it was nice seeing you in person the day before your day :)