Friday, 13 August 2010


My take on Scrappers@SG's round robin. I was the last one on my team and it's so great to see how the layout has evolved. Please check out the layouts of the other members. They're awesome, I tell you!

My little girl is turning 8 next Sunday. I can't believe it!!! I always say that time flies very fast. But, it's true. I can remember how anxious I was and so impatient for her to come out. And, when she did, I fell in love over and over again.
At 7, she now have crushes. Yeah. What can I do, right? But, be her friend hehehe be her annoying friend who tries to make her tell me everything. Hahaha. She likes to dress up and has her own style. She loves to stay glued to anything electronic (computer, tv, Iphone, DS, arggghhhh) but she's still my little girl, and that won't change. It's 10 days away. I want to savor her at seven.

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Jolanda said...

Yeah,they grow up....and we (moms) hate it!!!!!!(nice title for LO,i was thinking by myself...;)Your Lo is very nice,love the picture so beautiful!!
Have a very nice day!!!Lots of love,Jolanda