Thursday, 5 August 2010

A Five Year Old Drawing

Wish I had taken a picture of Bebi A's drawing. But, I was too happy and tired to even think of it. Really long hours at the office this week but a few more days and I am back to my old schedule. Hehe.

Anyway, last night, my cheeky daughter was drawing a picture of me when suddenly she said, "Mommy, I can't draw you. I can't draw FAT!"


I tried not to laugh but I did. Oh, I will miss these "Kids Says The Darnest Things" moments when she's older and wiser. I try not to think about how fast my girls are growing up.

Here's sketch 111 at Scrapbook Challenges. I was not able to post this last Monday.


Benga said...

hahaha kakatuwa tlga c andi

Jolanda said...

hahahaha,these sayings are so very nice!!!I have the same with my daughter,she says such stupid things it make me smile!!!
Have a very nice day.

j.leija said...

oh my goodness! lol! kids do say the darndest things!