Thursday, 19 August 2010

Should I GO?

Before I proceed, if you haven't made a comment, this ---> RAK ALERT : Eight Twenty-Two is still ongoing. Please join us as we countdown to Dawter T's birthday!

I am trying to save (A LOT!!!) because September is gonna be a big month for me. But, these (below) will be available at 11AM today at my LSS. Huhuhu...

I want to have these and especially THESE (been waiting for them) drool, sigh and another sigh... Then, I saw these (I know, I know, I probably won't use these hahaha but a girl can be a glutton sometimes)...

Then, I scrolled down and found these babies (just the stamps) and THESE (how cute is that reindeer eh)!!!

Arggghhh, life is not fair! Good thing it's raining or else my LOW-EQness will make me ride that express bus during lunch time to go to my LSS!!!


Jolanda said...

I love the prima stuff,wow so much new things...i'm waiting for the new websters...but when i see this i don't knoe if id pich WP,maybe a lot of Prima,of all....oehhhhh,now i'm confused!!
(i have to save some money,going to Disney/Paris,next year with my mom....)but oeh,addicted people are worse....hahaha....I think we all have some off these problems....we want to have everything...but when you think realise,you've alreaddy GOT everything...;)have a nice day!!!!

GrannyCharlotte said...

Wow! I would have a hard time saying no to all of these things. I am (unfortunately) more of a collector of scrapbook items. I need to use what I already have. Oh well, collecting is fun too.