Thursday, 1 July 2010


Wow! Those are also the number of followers this blog has. And, that's my Bebi's birth date 7.5. Hihi. I think it's time for a thanksgiving giveaway.

I am running out of titles for my girls' layouts and it would be great if you can suggest one as long as it does not contain these three words --- "Girl", "Princess", "Pretty" hehehe... Please post your suggestion on the comment section and I will ask the birthday girl on the 5th (2:11 PM) to randomly choose a number between 1 and nth (nth being the total number of title suggestions).

What you will get in return.

7 patterned papers
5 items that you use to stamp (mix of stamps and inks)
8 items that stick (*wink* stickers, glue tape, rub-ons)
19 items that you can use to embellish (mix of flowers, ribbons, brads, buttons, die cut chipboards, etc.)

And, lastly... Will choose a title from your suggestions and will use it on my next layout. The "chosen one" will get a $15USD voucher that you can use at Scrapbook Deals 4 U.

Thank you!


Jolanda said...

hi,my title will be...a little bit of sweetness...
Have a nice day,Love,Jolanda
(very nice how you did this!!!)

bebang said...

wow! so generous of you! :) im drooling already! :)

how about...

"you are loved"

advance hapy birthday Bebi! :)

Margaret Uy said...

Hi Sookie, thanks for the giveaway. How about "High Five on July5!" :-)

Dress To Scrap said...

wow! great giveaway! my title will have andi's initial.


katmarie said...

How fun... what about 'Sweet Child of Mine" or something like "Sweet Little Thing"

Benga said...

Happy Bedey Andi!!!!

How about

"Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch"

Jenn :) said... kinda depends on what type of layout you are scrappin'!! :) If it's one you are doing before her birthday how about...
Almost 5
or if it's for her birthday how about...
5 years already
Good luck and fun giveaway!!
Jenn :)

liliput said...

Happy Birthday Andi!

"Adorable You"
"My Sweet Perky Andi"

lszalil said...

Not sure if I made it or not. I can't help smiling reading your input Sookie. My dd has warn me NEVER to use those words for my title for any layouts about her. Since she's going to be 5, you can try:
Little Lady
Look, how tall you've grown
You are Lovely
Little Charmer

Wishing Bebi a grand Happy Birthday.


Kerri said...

as i've got 2 girls, i know how hard it is thinking of titles for girl pages. but thought of a selected girl(after the song),girlie girl,angel, heartbreaker,mummie's shopping buddy, diva darling,material girl, little miss sunshine,miss chatterbox,drama queen,precious,beauty...think of more later i'm sure. but awesome of u for the giveaway ! good luck to all :)

yvonne said...

hi here are a few suggestion
more spice than sugar
more sugar than spice
you go girl
our little denim doll
buttons and bows
oh my shes 5
ready set blow
little girls are heavens flowers
our little sweetheart
our precious one

Leah said...

You could use (what a Doll)
or ( 5 wonderful Things you love..)
Good luck...

Cheryl Kosakura said...

Wow, great candy!
My title would be, "Little Lady"