Monday, 26 July 2010

One OFF My Bucket List

Well, I have never written a list but it's in my heart. The things I need to do, I want to do. Like writing my own tele-novela (no kidding!!!), I used to daydream about that being shown in Kapamilya channel. For me, 2010 has been about fulfilling dreams.

And I am very glad to say that I did tick off one from my bucket list. To join in a 5km run. Well, I was supposed to join Standard Chartered's 10km run last year but there were "outside forces" that hindered that dream (read as : hubby nagging me that I am not in shape hahaha). But this year, since it was just 5km, and it was a few days after my birthday, I guess it's his birthday gift to me.

Yesterday, we jogged, we walked, we laughed then we ran with the other ladies who joined Shape Run 2010. It was a camaraderie like no other since you're all ladies. And, since we're not vying for any place hahaha... It was a fun run/walk. And, I am really fulfilled.

Thank you, Lord that it didn't rain and I didn't collapse even when I was so hungry. Hahaha... Thank you to my wonderful sponsor, my hubby for taking care of the girls while I was out. Hehehe.


Jolanda said...

wow,sookie,well done.
Congrats to you!!!
(and how sweet of your hubby!!!!)
Have a good day.

bebang said...

felt good reading your blog... i can feel the joy and it inspired me to add running in my bucket list too hahaha... if its not too much of a bother, pwede ako sali next time? LOL :)

Annette Renee White said...

Congrats to you! I have a HUGE bucket list and run a 5K is on mine too, but I am procrastinating on the actual training part :(
My husband says that the only time he'll see me running is if someone was chasing me!

Cute#1 said...

wooohooo! u made it sux! im proud of u! (",)

Genevieve Rodriguez said...

Congrats to you! That's the kind of gift only you can give to yourself. Many congrats!

Margaret UY said...

congrats sooks. last run i joined 10km but only ended up finishing 5k. I had no preparation. its really good to these kind of thing once in a while. its fulfilling.