Thursday, 29 July 2010

July Madness

Couldn't believe how fast the days in July was/is. It's nearing August and I have to complete 2 more projects to get in the good graces of my boss (HeeHee!) There are so many plans/tasks at work and I am waiting impatiently for answers. My life this second half of the year will probably take a turn. Scrapbooking will keep me sane, I know it will!

I have some projects that I need to do, projects that I want to do. But, I need space in the literal sense. I don't have much at home and I'm sure my husband is a ticking bomb on this area. If I catch him in a really bad mood and he sees the mess, some of my supplies will probably be ermmm compromised as he has plans to put them in the store room *sigh*. Hahaha. Arghhh... I am planning to housekeep soon. And, I am keeping my eyes closed for now (maybe this moment until I am tempted again). I really need to use my supplies and save. Hehe.

And allow me to plug a bit, there's still time to register to Pamela's class at Scrapbook Challenges. It'll be fun!

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Jolanda said...

Hi lovely Sookie,i love to read your story's!!!hahaha,it makes me smile!
Hope the mess will dissapear just like in a fairytail!!!(that would be so very nice........)Hope youre having a very nice day.