Monday, 5 July 2010

A Little Bit Of Sweetness

My Bebi, a few minutes after she woke up this morning. I can't believe she's 5! She's still my baby and probably will stay as such till forever. Hehehe. We had a busy weekend and I have no layout to share. Huhu. But the most important thing is my Bebi enjoyed her whole birthday celebration. We will have a simple dinner later tonight at home (as I will be working tonight arghhhhhhhhhh).

Thank you, Lord for another year. Thank you for giving me this sweet and beautiful girl --- inside and out. I love you, Bebi A!

I asked Bebi A to give me a number from 1 to 9. And, here's her choice... Drumroll please................


I asked the celebrant, why 8? Her only reply was I like 8! Duhhh... Hahaha After checking the number 8 comment, found out that it's LILIPUT!!! Congratulations Liliput!

I also want to announce the winner for chosen title... I love all your title suggestions and thank you for taking the time to comment. I really, really appreciate it!

The chosen title is the title of this post.


I promise to use the title very, very soon. It's perfect for my Bebi's picture which we took during her school celebration. I hope I can get time to sit down and create again. Hehehe. Hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday!

To Liliput and Jolanda, please drop me an email at with your home address and email.

I'll be sending the non-winners (Bebang, Margaret, Dress to Scrap, KatMarie, Benga, Jenn, Iszalil, Kerri) a little something in the mail, please also send me your addresses at

Again, thank you very, very much!!!


Jolanda said...

Hi Salme,thanks thanks thanks!!!!!
I'm very happy,you made my day!!!
Love Jolanda

Jolanda said...

oh gosh i forgotten...shame...congrats to you and your beautiful girl!!!
She is so very sweet!!!Have a good day with lots of cake ;))

liliput said...

Thank you Andi and Sookie!
Happy Birthday Andi!

Margaret Uy said...

thanks sookie for your doodle sweetness even for the non-winners....i'll send you again my mailing address. mwah for a million times.

Dress To Scrap said...

happy birthday andi!

Michelle Gotoh Bertuzzi said...

What a cute photo of a sweet girl! Happy birthday to your Bebi!

bebang said...

thank you Sookie!:):):)