Friday, 30 July 2010

I Am Not Vain

I just realized that I am not young anymore. I was daydreaming hahaha about what I would like if I slimmed down (20kg slimmer). Will I look like the young girl they usually mistake me for 5-7 years ago. Talk about vanity! Hahaha...

Sometimes, I look in the mirror to see if I have lines. You know, the one that comes with age. And, I do have! Wahhh... And, and, and I don't look young anymore even though I shortened my hair.

In my workplace, I am one of the "older" colleagues. Thus, I feel OLD. I am the one with the 8 year old while they're pregnant with their first babies or their baby just turned one. Hehehe.

I guess it's a matter of acceptance. When there are times I wish I am still 25. I am also happy that I am now 35. That my daughter is turning 8 soon. I just can't get over that I am 20kg bigger than when I was 25! Hahaha!

Hope everyone will have a great weekend!

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Jolanda said...

Hahahahaah,you are younger than i am,i'm 37!!we'd better be colleague's for your happiness..,hahaha.
I'm happy to be my age,i'm a lot wiser than when i was 25...duhu...then i had a nice time with a lot of "bad" party's going on...haha..but i got my first kid at 31 and my second at 35...whit the kids came the extra kilo's who i'm working on to get them off....i can,i know i do,but i think there are so much more important things in life...i hope my kids will have a beautiful childhood,they deserve!!
I don't work,maybe in the future,when my youngest is also on school.I accept my age and i love my little lines (they are not from worriing,they are from laughing)I realise i have a very nice life with a good,loving husband and beautiful kids and a lot of nice people around me!!(why would i be 25??then my life was so different!!)When i look in the mirror ,i see myself (who else,haha)and i'm satisfied with wat came in my life,and i hope i look the same over 10 years,buth then i will let you know!!hahahaha...
Have a very nice day....what a story...i hope you understand...