Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Sketch 210

The weekend was fun and relaxing even though I took part in 5km run and assisted at a Catechism class at church. Staying at home, playing, reading books took the angst of going back to work on Monday (that's today!)
One of the last few pictures I want to scrap of Dawter T's Chinese Dance competition. Please forgive me that I only used 3 pictures. I tried and tried to combine pictures but couldn't find any to use. I love the upper left part if I may say so. The Prima swirls were from Cousin B, it's the tail of the butterfly. Haha. Using old Basic Grey papers --- Infuse and Periphery. If you're at a lost, Basic Grey will help you find the way. *wink* I am using these papers to wave away my guilt of buying a few (*cough* around 10) BG papers this July. Couldn't help but fall in love with the new lines Olivia and Oliver; and also bought some Capella.
What is it with papers and ME??? I just can't resist them! Hehe. Hope you have a great week ahead! Mine started with a server down but I am staying positive that it'll be a beautiful week. *wink*


Jolanda said...

Hi Sookie,this is very nice,i have the same problem with the pisctures...maybe i can take some new today....And Basic Grey,don't laugh...is my favorite brand...in my room i have a box with all the lines from black tie/skate shoppe till olivia and oliver...and for a long time i wouldn't use the old lines...hahahah,i thought i had to keep them in the box to just now and then LOOK and FEEL....i know,im an addict ;))But sometimes i use it now,i know i cant keep it forever!!
Have a very nice day and week!!!
Lots of love to you my friend.

genevive said...

love BG too! and i love the sketch! i wanna make a LO out of this... hopefully....

can't wait for tomorrow! nyt :)