Monday, 19 July 2010


This won't be a scrappy post. I would just like to share a bit of me today through writing.

I turned 35 today. I don't feel a year older nor wiser, LOL. But, I learned a lot through all these 35 years. Like how my life has been blessed and that I shouldn't regret anything, even a tiny bit of what had happened so far. I am blessed to be called a daughter of the Almighty. From the moment I was born, He has shaped my life to what it is now.

I turned 35 today. I love my husband and children more than my life. They are my today and tomorrow. I love the times we spend together. Though there are moments of indifferences when my husband is busy with his Iphone Apps or my girls are too busy playing Nintendo DS hahaha I know that I am still the wife/mom they would look for later on when the battery runs out.

I turned 35 today. I love the family who brought me up. We're a close knit family and I am very thankful for that. Life has sure been fun with all the childhood games, the summer outings, the love.

I turned 35 today. All these years, I've had friends who's always there, who always remember me for no reason at all. Whom I can laugh, cry with. And no matter the distance, our thoughts synched up the moment we touch base. And, I thank the new friends I meet "offline" and "online". You have made my world colorful.

I turned 35 today. Thank you for the work that has bought me scrapbooking materials. Hehehe. Of course, that's the top of my list. Seriously, though I want to scream and pull my hair sometimes, I am thankful for the opportunites that my current company gives me.

I turned 35 today. Thank you to all who stopped by and read this. I've been blessed to have you celebrate with me.


Jolanda said...

Lovely Sookie,you are 35...and such a good writer!!!;)
Hope you're having a wonderful day!!An congrats to you my friend!!!!
Lots of love,Jolanda

liza said...

happy, happy birthday sookie!!!
wishing you all the best..

Cute#1 said...

Happy Birthday again sux!
Hope all that you do turns out happy for you and all that you wish
comes your way,so each hour will bring every wonderful thing
You could ask of a wonderful day. luv u!