Friday, 16 July 2010

The Bravest Thing I've Ever Done

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Here's my original journal which I wasn't able to fit in the baggages. LOL!!! Just so I can share my feelings about this. The challenge was really a challenge for me. Because I don't consider myself as daring.


24 years was too long to lead a secure life... Most of the time, I didn't have to worry about what I was going to eat because I know by the time I reach home from work, there will be food on the table waiting for me... Or if I have clean clean clothes to wear... That time, tomorrow was just another day... I couldn't and shouldn’t ask for anything more.

But, something within me was uncertain, there was a desire to be on my own… To start my life… It was scary yet exhilarating.

The opportunity came knocking. I thought about it. At home, I had control. If I go, I would be losing myself in CHANGE and I am not that person who easily adapts to change. I battled with myself internally. Should I go or not? Should I leave family and friends behind? In that new world, there will be challenges unknown, barriers to counter yet deep inside, I know I will find myself, my purpose.

It’s time to become an adult. To make decisions for my life. To clean up my mess later on. And no matter how scared I was, I decided to go. I went without knowing my destination… I was not prepared… It was just time to become an individual. I needed to go and leave the only life I’ve known so that I can fulfill my hopes and dreams.

Eventually, I got to know myself… That I can do laundry (I was really scared of handwash, I don't know why! Thank you to washing machine!), I can cook "edible" food, I can take care of myself. LOL! That I can face this new world heads on. I met new people, seen new sights. It was not scary after all. It was my life’s greatest adventure.


Just can't resist to add to the story...

On my way to Singapore, I met my husband on a training we had to take before we start work. It's fate. Hahaha.

And this card is from the left-overs. I used 3 Webster Pages' patterned papers. The background of the layout was called NEW DISCOVERIES. It was so fitting for the theme of my page. Hahaha. The flowers (my staple these days) added color to the card and not to mention the little girl on the swing. When I look at her, it feels like life is so simple to dwell on stuffs. And, that's what I am going to do. Let go of things I can't change (wink to Cute#1) and enjoy the process.

Good luck to all the contestants. Amazing entries by the other 7 girls. I feel so privileged! Thank you, Amanda for this experience and opportunity!!!


Jolanda said...

oh wow,what a beautiful story,i'm very inpressed!!!Love it!!
This card is so sweet.
Have a beautiful day.
Love ,Jolanda

bebang said...

God is good for blessing you a secure life... then and now... thanks for sharing with us your story! Congrats! :)

Chinqui said...

Nice LO! Nice story too...

BTW, are all the flowers in this LO hand-made by you?? they're so pretty!!! :)